Processing products of YOVATEX AD – YAMBOL

1. Air-pointed synthetic silk

The purpose of this processing is to improve the thread conductivity during subsequent treatment. Using air, a “point” is formed through which the separate filaments are flown and pass more tightly on their way. This technology is appropriate for weaving and knitting. It can be used to process textured polyester and polyamide silks.

2. Air-textured synthetic silk

The products of this treatment can be used in both weaving and the knitting industry. With this type of processing polyester, polyamide and viscose silks can be mixed but they should be only smooth silks. The product looks more like yarn and is used for the production of tracksuits, sweaters, children’s clothing, etc. It can be supplemented by suitable natural materials.


3. Twisting of synthetic silks

The products of this technology are primarily intended for weaving. The goal is to allow the thread to pass seamlessly through the weaving machine during subsequent treatment.
We have machines for
– Twisting smooth silks with twists of 100 to 3,000 twists per meter.
– Twisting of textured silks, the capabilities are from 50 to 800 twists per meter.
Polyamide and polyester silks can also be twisted with this processing. The possibilities here are great and depend mainly on the type of the item that must be produced.


4. Twisted technical silks

Strong technical silks have a broad application for the production of tires, elevator bands, straps, for the production of canvases, tents, different sacks and packaging. In singles, doubles and triples up to 4,000 dtex with 500 t/m. Availability of sewing threads for technical products – twisted and pointed up to 1,500 dtex.


5. Dyeing of synthetic silks

We have a small high-temperature device for dyeing polyester and polyamide silks. We use our own color chart after PANTONE but we also prepare colors based on a provided client’s sample.